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Other Projects

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Ojedo Media is constantly developing new ideas and we always have a few smaller projects on the go which are usually based around following our interests, trying out new technology or improving how we are found online.

These projects and websites are listed below and are likely to develop and change over time.

Concours Project [Currently on the Back-Burner]

The Concours Project provides a showcase for all types of heritage transport and machinery. We hope to create an extensive database of cars, motorcycles, lorries, etc. which will highlight the factory improvements and alterations made over the lifetime of the model.

It is open to any old vehicle or machinery club, register or society with a listing on The Lost Garage. We are initially asking old vehicle clubs to share their knowledge and expertise by ‘adopting’ a page.

All vehicles are listed by production year and each page includes a specification, photographs and a description. What we hope to cover includes…  

  • A description of the model during the production year
  • Changes from the previous year e.g. updated engine, new colours, etc.
  • News from the factory e.g. increase in production, moved premises, etc.
  • Motor show appearances, race wins or how the model was promoted 
  • Significant events in society which may have affected production 
  • Photographs and marketing material where available

Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs

The Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs website is primarily focussed on researching and recording the history of the Association and the heritage vehicle movement in Norfolk.

We interviewed the Association a few years ago for a website article and felt it was important to retain the history of the project as it forms part of the collective memory of the classic car movement.

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