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Other Projects

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Ojedo Media is constantly developing new ideas and we always have a few smaller projects on the go which are usually based around following our interests, trying out new technology or improving how we are found online.

These projects and websites, such as an online newspaper, are listed below and are likely to develop and change over time.

The Lost Garage Gazette

The Lost Garage Gazette is a bi-weekly online newspaper which aggregates stories from around the internet about heritage vehicles (plus some newer stuff).

Subscribers receive an email newsletter on Monday and Thursday of each week featuring the top five news stories which cover vintage and classic vehicles, museums, events and motorsport.

Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs

The Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs website is primarily focussed on researching and recording the history of the Association and the heritage vehicle movement in Norfolk.

We interviewed the Association a few years ago for a website article and felt it was important to retain the history of the project as it forms part of the collective memory of the classic car movement.

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