The Lost Garage - Ojedo

The Lost Garage

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The Lost Garage is a hand-edited directory which offers free verified listings to all suppliers, attractions, clubs and societies involved in the heritage vehicle movement. The listings are designed to be dynamic and are ideal for promotion purposes.

Listing owners can publish their own blog posts and events, as well as featuring their Twitter feed. The listings also include an enquiry form where potential club members or customers can contact the listing owner directly.

Hand-edited directories are difficult to get right but we do try to verify the information on each listing with the owner and keep it up-to-date. You will see a blue verified member badge on listings where we either have contacted the listing owner or have managed to verify the information by other means. 

We also find that some directories don’t have suitable categories for a lot of businesses involved in the heritage vehicle industry. We are happy to work with listing owners to create the categories which better describe their business and that vehicle enthusiasts use to search online. 

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